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Modular Horizontal Machining Center Xpert-K

Added value - by modularity, flexibility and excellent process performance

Xpert-K - This is not just the name of an usual machining center but for a first-class, modular and extremely flexible machining solution. The Xpert-K offers a real added value to your challenging machining tasks in the fields of mold & die and general machining applications. You´ll not only benefit from the superior machine quality but also from our experts, who will support you with their excellent experience and tools for achieving best results on your workpieces.

Xpert-K – Application examples

Work tables and work units - modular & flexible

Work tables

The modular structure allows the specific and optimal selection of three different type of work tables:

  • Slide table
    Work table for linear movement in X-axis direction as a standard type for most applications with the possibility to install an additional axis
  • Cross table
    Work table movement in the X- and W-axes direction
  • Swivel table
    Work table with a full NC-indexing rotary B-axis and linear movement in X-axis

Work units

Massive work unit with superior quality and rigid column-cross slide structure and ram unit which is available in three different types:

  • Fixed work unit
    Standard type with vertical Y-axis and ram movement in Z-axis direction
  • Swivel work unit
    180° swivable work unit with the possibility for machining at two opposite sides of the machine. This allows meantime parallel setup on the one hand and utilization of different work table configurations on the other hand
  • Movable work unit
    Work unit with additional linear movement in the Z-axis direction for optimized machining with regards to rigidity due to the shortest overhang of the ram unit even reaching very deep regions inside the workpiece

System examples

Xpert-K with a fixed work unit and cross table (4000 x 2000).

Equipped with a 2-axes fork milling head. A total of six axes ensures high flexibility for machining of complex forms. Awarded with the IF-Award for innovative machine design.

Xpert-K with a swivable work unit for working at two opposite sides.

Equipped with a rotary NC-table 2500 mm diameter incl. linear movement as well as a 2-axes fork milling head. The machine cover concept allows swiveling of the work unit as well as entry to the machining area from both sides.

Trend setting Xpert-K machinery concept.

  • two independent Xpert-K machines each with a:
    • linear moving work unit
    • linear moveable rotary NC-table unit with rectangle pallet
  • 3 position pallet changer for unmanned operation incl. cleaning station
  • shared tool column magazine system and change robot for tools and motor spindles

Heads & Spindles

Added value - thanks to a perfect milling head / table combination for every application

Three different types of milling heads for simultaneous 3- to 5-axis machining (optionally with C-axis) ensure maximum flexibility for a wide range of tasks. From strong and highly productive rough cutting of cubic and rotational workpieces up to superior finish machining of dies and/or molds - we have the right combination of milling heads and work tables for perfect work results.

For technical data and detailed information please download our brochure:

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