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Modular Vertical Machining Center Xpert-V

Added value - by modularity, flexibility and excellent process performance

Xpert-V - This is not just the name of an usual machining center but for a first-class, modular and extremely flexible machining solution. The Xpert-V offers a real added value to your challenging machining tasks in the fields of mold & die and general machining applications. You´ll not only benefit from the superior machine quality but also from our experts, who will support you with their excellent experience and tools for achieving best results on your workpieces.

Xpert-V - Application examples

Modular & Flexible

Vertical High-Gantry Machining Center

  • Modular construction, individually configurable, various customized options
  • Reliability and safe machining process due to proven high quality machine components
  • Excellent machining results due to:
    • dynamic linear axes drives
    • thermosymmetric design
    • constantly high machining performance in all work directions due to box-in-box design of the ram work unit
Xpert-V - Modular & Flexible

Heads & Spindles

Added value - by perfect choice of milling head and work table configuration for all your tasks

By combination of four different types of milling heads for simultaneous 3- to 5-axes machining (optional with C-axis function) with a great variety of different vertical and horizontal work tables you´ll get maximum of flexibility for all of your different tasks. From strong and highly productive rough cutting of cubic and rotational workpieces up to superior finish machining of mold and/or dies - we have the right combination of milling heads and work tables for perfect work results.

Milling heads: Type 30 | Type 21 | Type 8 | Vertical
(further information and comparison table see Xpert-V brochure)

Xpert-V - Heads (Type 30, Type 21, Type 8, Vertical)


Possibility of work specific selection of milling head and worktable for 3- to 5-axes machining configuration.

For technical data and detailed information please download our brochure:

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