From the early days of mass production for metal cutting workpieces until now there were a lot of improvements in production technology to maximize profitability. New work materials and optimized tool technology led to a dramatic reduction of cutting times over the years.

There was also a significant reduction of non-productive idle times in recent years due to improved machine tool technologies, but it didn´t keep pace at all with reduction of productive times. Especially for mass production parts which require a lot of different tools with short cutting times, such as for drilling or threading, this means a huge leak of total productivity.

This was a good reason for ELHA to work hard on a solution. As a result ELHA developed and established a brilliant machining concept which has sustainably revolutionized the metal cutting industry, especially for mass production applications.

Conventional machining

on a machining center

  • Tool spindle changes tools for each different process
  • Tool spindle moves from/toward the workpiece

Ideal machining concept for:

  • Small and mid lot sizes
  • High number of different workpieces and work setup

Paradigm change

with a FM production module

  • All required process tools are arranged inside the machining area at a fixed position
  • Each tool has it´s own specific, optimized spindle size and drive by using multi spindle heads or turrets
  • The worktable with clamped workpiece(s) moves from tool to tool; shortest chip-to-chip times
  • No tool change within the process; no inaccuracy due to tool change
  • Single/multiple part clamping & single/multiple spindle machining possible (depending on application)

Ideal machining concept for:

  • Mass production of more than 100k of same or similar workpieces per year
  • Small & midsize workpieces
  • Limited quantity of various workpiece types
  • Moderate number of different tools and clampings
  • Optimal for light metals, steel, forging and casting materials