Rotary Table Machining Centers

ELHA RTX – This name stands for long-term experience in the manufacture of rotary table machining centers with diversified specifications. Machines of this kind are preferably used for drilling and tapping of flange pieces or large bearings for the wind energy industry as well as other areas of the machine building industry.

Reference examples

RTX 5161 – Rotary Table Machining Center Ø6100

The machine is suitable for 2-spindle vertical drilling, turning-milling, boring, countersinking, reaming and threading of machining operations lying on hole circle. The power of the…

RTX 5280 Banner
RTX 5280 – Rotary Table Machining Center Ø820

This machine is suitable for 1- or 2-spindle drilling, reaming, countersinking, taper reaming and tapping of holes arranged on pitch circles. The capacity of both…

RTX 5211 – Rotary Table Machining Center Ø4000

The RTX 5211 machining center is suitable for one- or two-spindle drill- and tapping of ring-shaped work pieces up to a diameter of 4000 mm…

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