About us

With the initials LH (later ELHA) short for “Liemke Hövelhof”, our company was founded around 1930 as a shop for electrical equipment. Later on ELHA started developing and building machine tools for the local wood- and metal working industry.

Today ELHA is famous for customized machining centers, special purpose machinery and production modules. Many industries such as largescale bearing manufacturers, automotive OEM´s and their TIER 1/2 suppliers rely on our experience and technological expertise for developing and realizing of highly productive metal cutting processes as well as our competence for design and production of metal cutting machine tools and turn key solutions.

Our 240 employees work hard for continuous improvement of product- and service quality in order to ensure reliability and maintainability. Highest customer and employee satisfaction level is the most important subject of our business policy.

ELHA machining systems and turn key solutions are highly productive, absolutely reliable as well as durable and have an outstanding quality. ELHA employees are enthusiastic professionals who accompany every step of your planned investment up to the commissioning and far beyond. We will not just deliver your perfect machining solution – but also our full enthusiasm during every project phase.