This declaration was created on 15.05.2024 and is based on a self-assessment.

The Barrierefreiheitsstärkungsgesetz (BFSG) is the implementation of the European Accessibility Act into German law and obliges German companies to ensure accessibility.

ELHA-MASCHINENBAU endeavors to make the website accessible. This website is widely compatible with BFSG.

The following points may represent a restriction:

  • Some images do not contain alternative texts
  • Input forms do not contain alternatives to CAPTCHA
  • Videos do not contain subtitles

The following content is restricted:

  • Popups: cannot be closed with keyboard
  • Machines / Production Modules / Machine design: cannot be controlled via keyboard
  • Machines / Parallel kinematics module: 3D model cannot be controlled via keyboard
  • Contact / Distributors map: not controllable via keyboard

If you notice any problems with the barrier-free design, you can contact us using our contact form.