Process development

Over all the years ELHA developed further from metal cutting machine tool manufacturer for drilling and special purpose machinery to a solution provider for complete turnkey solutions including all required engineering. Your workpiece is always our starting point. After comprehensively analysis of the requirements we develop and realize the optimal, tailored manufacturing solution based on proven machining concepts or by tailored, specific concepts. Therefore we cover a wide range of products from engineering services e.g. process devlopment, machine tool/fixture design up to the manufacturing of machines, fixtures and complete turnkey solutions including automation. In addition we are capable to provide all typical services around such complete solutions starting from support for production after final acceptance up to comprehensive aftersales services. Therefore ELHA is your competent, reliable partner for sophisticated process solutions with highest quality and outstanding performance.


Multi spindle machining of automotive parts


Turning, drilling and thread machining of large bearing/slewing ring


High performance milling of titanium parts

ELHA process development overview

Discover here how ELHA realizes your turnkey solution step by step starting from your original requirements. Furthermore ELHA could offer separated engineering services from feasibility and process studies, rough and detail conception, economic efficiency calculation up to design of machines, complete systems and components, process simulation and others upon request.


Requirement analysis

  • Definition of all technical, commercial and timely project requirements and conditions together with the customer
  • Detail requirement analysis in regards of realization for an economical and efficient way of manufacturing with an ELHA solution


  • Development of solution proposals based on an agreed and prioritized requirements catalogue
  • Conception based on a multi-stage design phase model with each different levels of detail design and well structured process to develop the optimal solution in several steps
  • Defined scopes of development for machining process and related machine tool technology in each design phase


  • Iterative specification and validation of the final solution concept in cooperation with the customer
  • Execution of required or requested trial/test cuts/machining, simulation or other system analysis


  • Order process engineering for process and machine tool technology incl. project management
  • Installation, set up of all machinery and start up of machining process at ELHA
  • Pre acceptance of all required function and process conditions at ELHA
  • Trial production over a certain period of time upon request
  • Turn-key delivery and installation for the entire machinery at customers shop floor
  • Final acceptance incl. confirmation for all delivery scopes, function and process condition at customers shop floor


  • Professional training for all operator, programmer and maintenace staff
  • Accompaniment for start of production or trial period
  • Project specific customer support beforehand, during and after completition of final acceptance
  • Reliable, effective ELHA-Service
    • short reaction time
    • efficient distance diagnosis systems
    • fast and straightforward order process
    • high and fast availability of spare parts

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