Parallelkinematic-Module (PKM)

The ELHA PKM is a modular machine that can be equipped with a wide range of end effectors. Compared to serial robots, it offers an increase of 10 to 15 times higher stiffness and accuracy on the end effector.
The innovative mechanical structure allows geometric variations of the base frame, thus adapting the workspace. The PKM distributes loads on the building foundation and offers maximum flexibility during installation, as no additional foundations are required.

Precision and flexibility combined

The parallel kinematic module combines the advantages of machine tools and flexible robot machining. Large components, including castings, can be machined with unprecedented precision. Several modules combined with each other enable different machining steps such as laser cutting, milling and friction stir welding in one production line.
The modules can be flexibly adapted to the work area and offer higher accuracy and rigidity compared to conventional serial robots.

Parallel kinematics as a technological bridge

The PKM closes the gap between machine tools and conventional serial robots. It offers high flexibility and can be integrated into existing or new production lines. With a large working area and high speed, it offers versatile applications.

The PKM was developed in cooperation with our Swedish partner Cognibotics.

Full PKM
Full Parallel Kinematic
High dynamics
High flexibility
Large workspace
Low footprint
Low power consumption
No singularity problems
Moderate accuracy
Moderate stiffness
Parallel technology
Parallele Technologie
High dynamics
High accuracy
Moderate flexibility
Moderate stiffness
Moderate workspace
Singularity problems
Serial technology
Serieller Roboter
High dynamics
High flexibility
Low footprint
Low power consumption
Low accuracy
Low stiffness
Singularity problems

Keyfacts of the PKM

Moving mass

20x less moving mass


Up to 170 m/min


Up to 2.5 g


<= 5 μm

Machining accuracy

<= 40 μm

Large workspace

Width = 3m, Height = 2m, Length = No limit

Processes the PKM can support

Kacheln mit Bild
High High-Speed-Cutting

Why PKM is the right choice

PKM Anwendungsbereiche

Versatile configuration options

Adaptable to different requirements and industries.

PKM Anwendungsbereiche

Simplified structure

No more mechanical components than absolutely necessary

Experience the future of robotics technology with the ELHA Parallel Kinematics Module. Contact us today to learn more about the applications and configurations that will take your manufacturing to the next level.

PKM as a turnkey solution

Together with our partners, we offer turnkey solutions:
  • Process and tool development
  • Solutions for partially or fully automated processes

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