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Consequent automation and short change-over times allow competitive production also in high-waged countries. To achieve this goal ELHA FM-machines have been developed for utilization in partly or fully automized stand-alone or chained production lines. Therefore manufacturing environments with FM machines are highly productive and efficient.


The 2-axis robot loads the workpiece pallets directly into the work area. Then the workpieces are picked up from the clamping device. This method allows for flexibility in orientation of the pallet accumulating conveyor. The greatest flexibility in the automation features a standard 5-axis robot with different gripper variations. The robot is placed in front of the working space and loads the workpieces directly into the clamping device. Additionally, secondary operations such as deburring or marking can be carried out during machining. A linear shuttle is a technically simple solution for providing the workpieces into the working space. Thus, the workpieces can be transported with a single mechanical axis from a pallet accumulating conveyor or even after manual loading.

A module with many options

Complete automated solutions handle many different operations and often replace a series of standard machines. The entire systems consist of several linked machines or components. Specialized CNC machines are integrated as well as external units, such as for broaching, hardening, assembly, hard machining. Also peripheral tasks like handling, deburring, cleaning and washing can be performed.

More system examples


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