SMX 5224 – Horizontal 5-Axis Special Machining Center

This new 5-axis special horizontal machining center stands for a whole new generation of ultra-robust and high-performance machines with outstanding features for the machining of most heavy-duty materials like titanium, Inconel and other materials and alloys primarily used in the aerospace sector.

This machine also uses the hydrostatic guided Z-axis-ram already known from our large Production Module series FM 4+X hd. The excellent vibration-absorbing and stabilizing features of this axis as well as the high- performance milling drive with a 37 kW strong HSK-A 125 in combination with the base machine made of composite-material result in record setting metal cutting capacities, precision and finish qualities! Thanks to the 3000 mm long and 1000 mm wide swing rotary table with an integrated rotary table of 1000 mm a wide work piece range of chassis parts up to large structural components can be machined, not only for the aerospace sector.

Machine description SMX 5224 drawing
Technical Details
Traverse path X-axis 2500 mm
Y-axis 1150 mm

Z-axis 1000 mm
Feed rates max. speed X / Y / Z 30 / 30 / 48 m/min
max. acceleration X / Y / Z 1.3 / 3 / 4 m/sec²
max. feed force 20000 N
Main drive max. capacity S1 37.7 kW
max. torque S1 (1 / 2) 1425 / 285 Nm
max. speed 4000 rpm
ram cross section Ø450 mm
Bridge / Round table bridge size 3000 x 1000 mm

bridge rotary table 800 mm
table diameter 1000 mm
Tool magazine tool slots 60
tool holder HSK-A 125
tool length / diameter 500 / ∅250 mm
Dimensions space assignment 11.8 x 7.9 x 4.8 m
total weight 70000 kg