RTX 5161 – Rotary Table Machining Center Ø6100

The machine is suitable for 2-spindle vertical drilling, turning-milling, boring, countersinking, reaming and threading of machining operations lying on hole circle. The power of the units is sufficient for drilling up to Ø60 mm into the solid and threading up to M56. Each machining unit is equipped with an HSK 100 gear-drilling head. The tools can be changed automatically with the help of extendable 20-fold pick-up magazines. During machining, the tool magazines are protected from the work area by a safety door. The base/stand combination is triple-split and made of the composite material. A flat rotary table top with 12 manually operated clamping devices is integrated into the center foundation. Despite its size, the machine is fully enclosed. Large sliding doors further enable easy crane loading.

Machine description RTX 5161 drawing
Technical Details
Traverse path X-axis 3800 mm
Z-axis 1200 mm
Feed rates max. speed 1.2 m/min
max. feed force 20000 N
Main drive max. capacity S1 / S6 46 / 55 kW
max. torque 586 / 2344 Nm
max. speed 3250 rpm
Rotary table diameter 4450 mm
table plate 6100 mm
max. speed 6 rpm
Work piece outer diameter 2300 – 5500 mm
inner diameter 2200 – 5400 mm
max. height 500 mm
max. weight 10000 kg
Tool magazine tool slots 20
tool holder HSK-A 100
Dimensions space assignment 11.0 x 8.4 x 6.3 m
total weight 176000 kg