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RTX 5161 – Rotary Table Machining Center Ø6100

The RTX 5161 machining center is designed for drilling and tapping of bearing rings and rolling bearing cages in a diameter range up to 5500 mm and 500 mm height. Either 1 or 2 spindles are applied for the machining process, with a HV-rotary head too up to a drilling diameter of 60 mm.

Machine description

RTX 5161 Zeichnung

Technical Details
Traverse path X-axis 3800 mm
Z-axis 1200 mm
Feed rates max. speed 1.2 m/min
max. feed force 20000 N
Main drive max. capacity S1 / S6 46 / 55 kW
max. torque 586 / 2344 Nm
max. speed 3250 rpm
Rotary table diameter 4450 mm
table plate 6100 mm
max. speed 6 rpm
Work piece outer diameter 2300 - 5500 mm
inner diameter 2200 - 5400 mm
max. height 500 mm
max. weight 10000 kg
Tool magazine tool slots 20
tool holder HSK-A 100
Dimensions space assignment 11.0 x 8.4 x 6.3 m
total weight 176000 kg

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