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SMX 5181 – Horizontal Special Machining Center

This machining center was designed for the complete machining of flatbed laser components for the company TRUMPF. The machine assembly groups are optimized for a dynamic, highly precise and flexible machining of large elements. The one-part machine base and column made of composite material is constructed inherently rigid, with optimal vibration-reduction and heat-resistance.

The work unit with a newly designed fork-type milling head and high-capacity motor spindle is suitable for aluminum as well as steel cutting. The tool changing process is carried out by a robot (equipped with double-gripper). Up to 339 tool slots are available in the tool arena. The travelling CNC-rotary table is equipped with a zero-point clamping system for the holding of clamping pallets. An automatic pallet changer is designed for unmanned machining and is able to memorize/store up to 4 (5) pallets with raw parts in its system.

Machine description

Technical Details
Traverse path X-axis 2800 mm
Y-axis 1250 mm
Z-axis 2800 mm
Feed rates max. speed 60 m/min
max. acceleration 5 m/sec²
max. feed force 10000 N
Rotary head max. capacity S1 55 kW
max. torque S1 210 Nm
max. speed 15000 rpm
swivel range 0° - 90°
Rotary table table size 1000 x 1000 mm
max. pallet size 1000 x 1600 mm
max. swing diameter 3000 mm
max. table load 10000 kg
positioning accuracy ±1"
Tool magazine tool slots 339
tool holder HSK-A 100
tool changing rate 7.0 sec
Dimensions space assignment 17.4 x 9.1 x 5.9 m
total weight 65000 kg
SMX 5181 view into working area

Tool arena with tool chang robot

SMX 5181


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