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SPX 4979 – Planetary Table Machining Center

This machine is suitable for the processing of left and right chassis consoles made of aluminum castings in one clamping operation. 5-side-machining by mounting parts on CNC-planetary table. Automatic loading/unloading by a CNC-axis portal loader. Work piece magazine on accumulating conveyor.

Technical Details
Basis rotary table ∅ 1800 mm
Planetary table ∅ 400 mm (x5)
Planetary table division 360 x 1°
No. of units with turret 3
No. of units with multi-spindle-head 1
Total installed capacity 200 KVA
Total space assignment 12.0 x 10.0 m

SPX 4979 drawing

SPX 4979 01

SPX 4979 02

SPX 4979 04

SPX 4979 03


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