SPX 5134 – Rail Drilling Machining Center

This machine is suitable for drilling and both-sided chamfering of rail profiles in various shapes and dimensions. The drill-machining is carried out with a ± 15° pivoting 2-axis-unit. This unit is equipped with an additional 6-ply tool changer. The rear-side chamfering of the bore holes is carried out with a non-pivoting 2-axis unit on the opposite side.

To achieve a constant both-sided chamfering despite large tolerances at the work piece, the machine was equipped with patented software. This program enables chamfering with a tolerance of ± 0,3 mm.

The feeder-magazine next to the machine holds up to 10 rails. The belt conveyor transports raw-part rails up to a length of 15 m into the machine. To be able to position the rail exactly the machine is equipped with a CNC-controlled rail positioning device. After processing the finished rails are picked-up by a feeder-magazine.

SPX 5134 drawing
Technical Details
Traverse path Y-axes 100 mm
Z-axes 320 mm
rail transport 18000 mm
tool magazine 450 mm
pivoting range ±15°
Feed rates max. speed 30 m/min
rail transport 10 m/min
Main drive max. capacity S1 / S6 20 / 25 kW
max. speed 4000 rpm
tool holder SK 50
Tool magazine tool slots 6
max. tool length 230 mm
max. tool diameter 60 mm
Parts magazine rail length 1000-15000 mm
contact face length 2500 mm
conveying velocity 6 m/min
Dimensions space assignment 37.2 x 6.7 x 3.0 m
total weight 37500 kg
Machine description