SPX 5207 – 6-Spindle Deep-Hole Drill Machining Center

The machine is suitable for 6-spindle horizontal deep hole drilling of holes lying on bolt hole circles. The motor spindle working units are arranged at 6x 60° on a base plate and can be adjusted CNC-controlled to the required diameter.

The 3-jaw power chuck Ø1,250 is mounted on a movable rotary table unit. This ensures optimum accessibility for loading and unloading. The one-piece machine base was made of composite material and is optimally vibration-damping.

The holes with diameter 6-16 mm are completed in one working stroke. For spot drilling, the working units are equipped with hydraulically adjustable drill guide devices.

SPX 5207 drawing
Technical Details
Traverse path X-axis (1-6) 530 mm
Z-axis 1400 mm
drill ingot 470 mm
Feed rates max. speed 20 m/min
max. acceleration X / Z 4 / 1.4 m/sec²
max. feed force Z 60000 N
Main drive max. capacity S1 / S6 13 / 16.9 kW
max. torque S1 / S6 49.7 / 64.6 Nm
max. speed 8000 rpm
tool holder HSK 63 mm
Rotary table diameter 1250 mm
max. speed 5 rpm
Work piece outer diameter 780 – 1500 mm
section diameter 510 – 1450 mm
max. weight 1500 kg
Dimensions space assignment 10.4 x 6.2 x 4.3 m
total weight 62000 kg
Machine description