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SPX 5207 6-Spindel Tiefloch-Bohr-Bearbeitungszentrum

SPX 5207 – 6-Spindle Deep-Hole Drill Machining Center

This special purpose machine was designed and built for multi-spindle drilling of dies for the production of pellet products. The rotatory work pieces are picked up by a clamping chuck and clamped.

The drilling tools are fitted on star-shaped arranged tool tray allowing radial, NC-controlled moves according to the pitch circle diameter of the die bore holes during machining. The axial drill feed movement as well as the indexing of the bore hole positions is carried out by the tool tray.

Machine description

SPX 5207 drawing

Technical Details
Traverse path X-axis (1-6) 530 mm
Z-axis 1400 mm
drill ingot 470 mm
Feed rates max. speed 20 m/min
max. acceleration X / Z 4 / 1.4 m/sec²
max. feed force Z 60000 N
Main drive max. capacity S1 / S6 13 / 16.9 kW
max. torque S1 / S6 49.7 / 64.6 Nm
max. speed 8000 rpm
tool holder HSK 63 mm
Rotary table diameter 1250 mm
max. speed 5 rpm
Work piece outer diameter 780 - 1500 mm
section diameter 510 - 1450 mm
max. weight 1500 kg
Dimensions space assignment 10.4 x 6.2 x 4.3 m
total weight 62000 kg

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