Drum Type Turret & Magazine

SRR four-spindle


Drum Type Turret | Characteristics

  • Complete spindles are swivelled into position
  • Fixation via serration
  • Fine adjustable spindle in the range of ±10 μm
  • Freely selectable spindle design
SRM four-spindle


Drum Type Magazine | Characteristics

  • Classic motor spindles in a common housing
  • Closed magazine drum with adapter rows
  • Adapter change in always the same spindle (fine adjustment not necessary)
  • Option: Automatic tool change via ELHA robot cell with control functions


Common characteristics

  • Device for placing 8 rows of tools in only one position within the machine
  • Separate drive motor for each tool within the active spindle row
  • Manual tool change at end of tool life from outside of the machine
  • Tool monitoring by motor current and vibration sensors
Tool holder HSK 63 HSK 63
Max. power 29 kW (S6) 20 kW (S1)
Max. torque 62 Nm (S6) 57 Nm (S1)
Max. speed 16.000 min-1 16.000 min-1
Water-cooled direct drives yes yes