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SPX 5176 – 2-Spindle Horizontal Machining Center

This machine was mainly designed for multi-spindle machining, horizontal drill- and milling of heavy cylinders. In order to allow the machining of other work pieces, the first unit was designed as dynamic box-in-box unit. This box-in-box unit features an increasing X-traverse path and a higher-capacity work spindle.

The three-part machine frame of the box-in-box unit and the two-part machine base were made of a vibration-reducing composite-material construction. The 2500 mm large CNC-rotary table was designed for extra heavy work pieces with a weight up to max. 45 tons. With this rotary table any angle with an accuracy of ± 3 angular seconds can be positioned.

The use of manually adjustable, automatic exchangeable two-spindle drill heads in both units allows a considerable reduction of machining time. Two automatic tool magazines are additionally able to hold further drill- and milling tools.

Technical Details
Traverse path X1 / X2-axis 2500 / 200 mm
Y1 / Y2-axis 1800 mm
Z1 / Z2-axis 1000 mm
Feed rates max. speed 30 m/min
Main drive 1 max. capacity S1 / S6 28 / 42 kW
max. torque 534 / 2136 Nm
max. speed 3000 rpm
Main drive 2 max. capacity S1 / S6 33 / 45 kW
max. torque S1 / S6 157 / 215 Nm
max. speed 10000 rpm
Rotary table diameter 2500 mm
max. speed 6 rpm
Tool magazine tool slots 3 + Head
tool holder HSK-A 100
Dimensions space assignment 11.7 x 9.3 x 6.0 m
total weight 166000 kg

Machine description

SPX 5176

SPX 5176 drawing


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