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VTM Serie


The VTM series presents a range of highlights, which directly translate into productivity, flexibility and reliability advantages for your production:

  • ELHA SDD – the patented table segment direct drive with the highest positional accuracy and dynamics
  • Rigid, FEM-optimized and space efficient machine foundation made from composite material
  • Hydrostatic guides and bearings on all linear and rotational axes
  • Consequent modular system with flexible and individual configuration possibilities
  • Strong and powerful RAM concept with innovative drive and interchangeable head interface technology
  • Large variety of tool and interchangeable head magazines
  • Precise 5-sides/5-axes simultaneous machining with the double C-axes function
  • High thermal stability and energy efficiency with a new cooling concept using controlled heat dissipation and the possibility of thermal energy reuse
VTM workpieces

Possible applications

VTM Success Story

VTM Vertical Turning Milling


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