Southwest of Detmold in the Teutoburg Forest lies one of the most popular excursion destinations in germany and europe. This model of the Hermann impresses with its simplicity, according to the motto “less is more” (low-poly). In our teaching workshop and with the help of our trainees, this extraordinary 300 piece puzzle was created from sheet metal cuttings. The following composition to a Hermann took place in laborious and partly very filigree detail work. With the sword our Hermann reaches a total height of 310 cm and weighs 170 kg.

mav contest

The model was specially built for a mav contest (german) at the AMB trade fair in Stuttgart – in keeping with the theme “Landmark of the industry”. Visitors to the AMB trade fair have the opportunity to see the impressive Hermannsdenkmal model live in the Atrium at the east entrance.

With the model we would like to reach the 1st place and ask for your support. There will be a prize for originality and a prize for quality. Give your vote here (german):


mav booth

Creation of the model

In order to create a larger model at all, a true-to-scale miniature statue of Hermann was first purchased and then scanned using a 3D scanner. The virtual model of Hermann was taken as a template and covered with a new shell consisting of only a few polygons. Polygons created in this way were now transferred to sheet metal, which could be manufactured very precisely with a TRUMPF laser cutting machine. In addition to the outer shell, a inner supporting structure was built up, which made it much easier to assemble the model and also ensured a high degree of stability for the model. Gradually, the parts were welded together and finally the entire model was coated with clear paint.

Detailed view
Inner support structure
Teaching workshop