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5-sides/5-axes Simultaneous Machining

The VTM machine is characterized by an additional unique technology: The double C-axes interpolation. Using this technology a linear Y-axis functionality is realized by the simultaneous interpolation of the rotary table C-axis and an axis-parallel CY-axis integrated in the tool adapter of the RAM unit. This technology has the following advantages:

  • Flexible 5-sides/5-axes machining in combination with an ELHA HV swivel milling head
  • Extremely space efficient because of the elimination of an Y-axis
  • Extremely accurate with the precise SDD rotary table C-axis drive and the CY-axis drive directly integrated into the RAM

HV Swivel Milling Head

For the VTM series ELHA offers a horizontal-vertical swivel head with modern drive technology. The two available sizes can be used for various applications:

  • 500x500 for light- and medium-duty cubic machining
  • 600x600 for heavy-duty cubic machining
RAM Power Spindle speed Spindle torque
mm kW (S1) rpm Nm
500 x 500 37 8000 875
600 x 600 37 8000 875
600 x 600 60 4000 2000



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