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AMB 2018
19.04.2018 | Review

Date: 18 - 22 September 2018
Location: Stuttgart, Germany read more →

iDPS – Industry 4.0
19.04.2018 | News

Our website was extended with a new area of competence: iDPS. These are Industry 4.0 system solutions based on freely configurable applications. iDPS is suitable for the following user groups: Maintenance / Installation support Manufacturing control / Production management Process planning / Manufacturing engineering iDPS offers the following benefits: Maximum machine / process transparency Diagnostic... read more →

Donation campaign 2017
19.12.2017 | News

At this year's christmas campaign we are happy to announce and support the charitable and social projects HILF! LOS!, the Mukisa Foundation and the Association for human with disabilities „Menschen mit Behinderung e. V. (VMB)“... read more →

CCMT 2018
02.10.2017 | Exhibitions, Review

Date: 9 - 13 April 2018
Location: Shanghai, China read more →

01.10.2017 | Exhibitions, Review

Date: 3 - 7 April 2018
Location: Seoul, South Korea read more →

Review EMO 2017
27.09.2017 | Exhibitions, Review

Date: 18 - 23 September 2017
Location: Hanover, Germany read more →

ELHA supports DKMS
30.06.2017 | News

ELHA-MASCHINENBAU supports the local action of DKMS gemeinnützige GmbH in Schöning.... read more →

Review CIMT 2017
27.04.2017 | Exhibitions, Review

Date: 17 - 22 April 2017
Location: Beijing, China read more →

New website
28.02.2017 | News

A warm welcome to our newly revised website ! We slightly refreshed the design und updated many pages with new and additional contents. Most notable changes on this website Our Blog area was launched again, where we would like to keep you up to date on the latest company news. Now our products are located... read more →

Charitable donation 2016
04.01.2017 | News

With our charitable donation for christmas, we have supported the non-profit and locally based association "Hövelstein Sozialfond e.V." with a donation amount of 5000, - EUR.... read more →


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